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The fact is: I made a 3 pages website in just 6 hours, ...then got it set up with a pay processor so I could accept credit cards online, ...and then just inside of 45 minutes, and with just $50 bucks, ran an ad with Facebook, ...and the result...?

I made $211.38 in my first day…

...then made $492.44 the 2nd day following that!

...then another $11,944.93 the next 8 days…

...and the BEST part is...?

I hardly have any technical expertise... and now I'm willing to give away all my secrets to you that will allow you to do as well as I did, and possibly even much better!

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From: Jonathan Teng

Listen up!

It's no longer HARD to start an Internet business and make it tremendously profitable. The fact is ...

"Now is the BEST time in history to profit online!"

With all the past media attention on social medias like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc… You are no doubt well aware of the powerful shift that has taken place on the Internet ...

It Is Much Easier NOW Than Ever Before
To Profit Online Tremendously!

Here are just a few examples why ...

Fact #1:

"Online spending reached $278,000,000,000 in 2014!
(That's 278 billion dollars!)"

If you've been paying attention, you already know that statistics from a recent Forrester Research Report have shown that online spending was $278 billion in 2014... and it's projected to grow to $327 billion in 2016!

That's a staggering 117% increase!

Fact #2:

"Even a complete beginner can now build a web site in
less than 24 hours... for LESS than $100!"

Five years ago, if you wanted a web site, you needed to either learn HTML (time-consuming) or hire a web designer to do it for you (expensive)...

Now, however, there are tons of FREE and low-cost tools and resources available that allow you to build a professional-looking web site by yourself, without ANY knowledge of HTML!

If you can "point & click" your way with Wordpress, you can build a web site and put it up on the Internet -- in less than 24hours!

Fact #3:

"It's EASY to find lucrative business ideas and products
to sell... using FREE research tools!"

For the first time in history, it's EASY to know what products people are actively looking for... because there are FREE and low-cost research tools that compile all the figures and statistics for you!

Plus, once you know exactly what people want, it's EASY to find products to sell to them because there are online tools that will help you do that, too!

Fact #4:

"There are literally 1,000's of FREE and dirt-cheap sources
of traffic for your web site!"

It's shocking, but true.

There are literally thousands of "neglected" traffic streams -- groups of people LOOKING for web sites with particular products and information... But they can't find what they're looking for because nobody is talking to them!

Using my secrets, reaching these targeted groups of potential customers is EASY... and I tell you how to do it for just pennies... often for FREE... using your choice of countless extremely powerful tools, resources, and web sites!

Are you interested?

Then you had better read what I have to say next!

Just look at the facts ...

Since technology has advanced so far since 1996 when the Internet first became commercially available and popular... and since there is NOW so much "how-to" information and good software readily available, starting and growing an Internet business is easier than ever!

YOU face 2 major challenges...

Challenge #1:

"Separating the hype, theories, and outright 'CRAP' from
proven strategies and tested research."

Finding the "best" information fast is nearly impossible these days, since there are literally 100's of wanna-be marketing "experts" who are spreading myths and repeating one another... making it hard for you to know what works and what doesn't!

They are more interested in making a fast buck than actually helping you!

For example, just yesterday I received a newsletter from one of these "experts" that said using the word "free" in the subject line of your e-mails would get you a bigger response!

I was so mad when I read this!!! ... Because I know from literally HUNDREDS of tests of my own that using the word "free" in your subject lines will get your e-mail message caught in spam "traps" and "filters"... so your subscribers will never even GET your e-mail!

How can you know if the strategies you read about actually work... or if they are garbage?

Challenge #2:

"They don't WANT you to know their most profitable secrets... because they're scared of you!"

The other big hurdle you face is that most marketing "experts" and highly successful business owners don't WANT you to know their most profitable secrets...

They're scared you'll steal their customers... that you'll scoop up their market share... and that you'll...

Discover the lucrative business ideas and traffic streams they haven't reached yet!

So they'll give you just a "taste" of what they know... Enough to make you think they've been generous, but not enough for you to actually accomplish anything.

Quite frankly, this makes me crazy!

If they're truly "experts," why would they need to hoard information? They should be on the cutting edge, always innovating new ideas and strategies that will make them even more money, anyway!

Considering all these, how can I help you?

Here's how I can help... but first let me tell you:

I made this little website here…

"Big deal," right?

But hold up. I want to tell you what happened next.

It took me just 2 hours to write the copy in a Word.doc and then send it to a designer who I paid a $100 bucks to put it (with a few graphics) into webspace -- just 3 more hours after that.

I then did just 4 quick things:

... and that's it.

But here's the good part:

My website cost me just a few hours to make and only a few dollars to get hosting (don't worry, I'll explain just how easy this is to do), and I get charged a few cents (just 30¢ per click, in fact!) every time someone sees my ad at Google and clicks to my site.

But before you quit reading, thinking this is hard, look how much money I make ...

About 3 people out of every 100 who click to my site from Facebook end up buying my product (it costs them $37 and I keep over $32 and my pay-processor keeps the rest for processing my orders automatically where I don't have to do any work).

This means I have to pay Facebook a pay-per-click fee for every 100 clicks, 30¢ each, or only $30. Yet I make back about $32 x 3 orders, or about $96 (and again, for just every 100 clicks). More often than not, however, I make even more either because of affiliate sales (I'll explain in a minute) or due to people ordering after having received my FREE newsletter -- usually at least $200 to $300 for every $30 I spend!

Now ask yourself:

Do you know of any other business where you spend just $30 and make at least $200 to $300 back instantly? - PURE CASH-PROFIT?

"Now this is where it starts to get good!"

In under 10 days, as more sales keep coming in my NEW site even shot to the No.17 position out of ClickBank's more than 1,300 products selection in the "E-business & E-marketing" category ...

See just BELOW for amazing, "SHOCKING" PROOF!

But guess what: It still gets even better!

Remember the "Invitation Page" I set up a bit earlier?

Here's what's about: Clickbank has his own free affiliate program where other people on the Web could sign up with them too (it takes just a minute or two and is real, real simple!) and so they could get over $16 every time they sell my product!

I noticed when I went online to my pay-processor's website after a short while, that in addition to my credits listed (as about $32 each for every $37 sale) there started to appear many for about $16 each also.

Other people were now starting to sell my product for me at their expense and using their resources - I did nothing, they did - yet I continued to make even more money now!

Next to each credit was the name of the affiliate who had made that particular sale. I figured "what the heck?" I didn't lose anything, just got an extra $13 or $16 or so here and there.

See exactly what I mean as here's just a sampling of my amazing sales & how I made over $3,000 in a single day!

Noticed that I only needed a dozen of affiliates to be able to make over $3,000 in a single day! The affiliate names are being blurred intentionally to protect their privacy.

Unlimited Income Potential

But as I've said several times before now, it gets even better! I thought to myself one day "What if I had not just the one product to sell, but had maybe 2, or even 5, or even MORE - each one averaging about the same thing?" Thinking in multiples of $10,000 monthly, I reasoned twice as much would be $50,000 a month!

Was it really possible to make this kind of money monthly?

I thought "Why not?"

After all, I really had no idea that my original little website would ever make me just over $11,000 in under 10 days! But the proof is in the pudding.

Now… If your name is Bill Gates you may not necessarily be impressed with how much I make. But if you're a doctor or lawyer you'd be embarrassed that I'm making about 3-4 times more than you -- and all AUTOMATICALLY!

That's right! You didn't forget did you: the thing I said above from the start? ... You remember about getting automatic perpetual cash?

That's the best part of all this: the "perpetual" part!

Now here's my question to you…

Would you like to replicate my proven formula that I personally used to generate that kind of income?

Do you have a burning desire to succeed?

Can you follow instructions and take action when need be?

If yes…

Introducing my…

Perpetual Cash Machine contains everything you need to know about making insane money online and profit wildly from this amazing opportunity just like I'm doing right now.

Here's what you'll discover inside:

  • The most profitable niche market you should enter even though you're a complete beginner without any experience. That's how I got started and that's exactly what you'll be doing. No credibility is needed.
  • The closely guarded secrets that Gurus don't want you to know about creating info products within 60 minutes flat. Learn this technique and you'll be on your way to make massive income online.
  • The one secret source to seek for high quality information and repurpose them quickly and easily. This is the exact same method multi-million dollars companies' use in their everyday business.
  • The 'NO' hassle way to launch your product WITHOUT a website or hosting. I've been using this super simple technique when I was broke and had generated thousands of dollars for me every time I use it.
  • Step by step approach to set up your first info product, deliver it to your customers, build your own list and also keep on growing your business in the long term.
  • The one secret tactic master copywriters use to write sales copies at lightning speed. Inside you'll discover how to make your product stand out from the crowd and get your instant credibility.
  • Learn the almost 'effortless' way to make money continuously for years to come without continuously be working everyday. This one technique will guarantee you financial security forever.
  • Simple daily routine that brings focus and productivity in your work. Using this formula will make you organize and also get you bigger paychecks with time!
  • Case Study: I'll reveal underground techniques that very successful best sellers use to improve their sales conversions. Implement these to your website and you'll see tremendous results overnight.
  • Unlimited traffic systems that cost almost nothing to implement. This is the same exact techniques that I've been using to drive over 200,000 visitors to my website over the course of this year.
  • The unheard techniques that gurus use to build trust, gain credibility and also develop a huge base of raving fans for their brand.
  • Unheard tactics used by social media experts create an avalanche of traffic, sales and leads on a daily basis with only a few minutes of work.
  • And so much more…

[Note: You don't have to learn everything I give you. But it's nice just knowing you have so many priceless resources from which to tap!]

A Personal Invitation To A
'Dream Lifestyle'

These are just a few pictures my wife and I took when we travel around the world together.

Making a lot of money is great but that's not the end of it.

It's about a lifestyle.

Imagine waking up every day at 10 AM because you CAN.

Imagine having no job to attend and no commitment to an organization or a boss.

Imagine a life without debts.

No stress. No daily frustrations.

You work when you want. You take mini-vacations when you want.

That's the kind of life we all deserve.

That's what YOU deserve.

Perpetual Cash Machine changed my life forever. It will change yours as well if you're willing to.

So How Much Is It Going To Cost You?

First let me ask you how much do you value your time?

How would $1,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000 additional per month transform your life?

Could it be that you'll finally buy the house of your dream?

Or may be travel the world like I do?

Or may be help people who are in need?

That sounds right... because you'll do it because you CAN.


You're getting a proven step by step blueprint that is making me $10,000s per month all 'automatically' and 'perpetually'.

If you're smart enough, you'll know that this is PRICELESS!

I could easily sell this for $1,997 and it'll still be considered as 'cheap'.

After all, this made me $11,944.93 in just 10 days!

But I'm not even asking $997.

Not even close to it.

But because I'm dedicated to help as many people as I can to have a financial breakthrough, I'm going to lower the price to a bare minimum so that it's affordable to everybody…



Way down…



$17 Only

That's right!

We are charging almost NOTHING for it.

This is just enough to cover our daily business running expenses.

But Wait...


Now is the best time in history to make it BIG online!

Perpetual Cash Machine is your success blueprint - a proven formula to massive wealth.

You're only ONE STEP away to live the life of your dream!

You'll thank me for that one day...

Meanwhile you need to...

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Jonathan Teng

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